Assassins creed: Revelations: sex workers will not be there in Constantinople

Prostitutes will not be there in the upcoming action-adventure game by Ubisoft: Assassin's creed 2 for the first time and also in Assassin's creed: brotherhood turned out to be so courtesans as useful allies for the main hero. In the upcoming Assassin's creed: revelations must renounce the assassin according to the manufacturer Ubisoft but for historical reasons prostitutes.
Assassin's creed: Revelations: sex workers will not be there in Constantinople. Ubisoft has confirmed that it is in Assassin's creed: revelations no courtesans more give. Due to the historical accuracy, it renounced the slight girl. The officer of Ubisoft recently have confirmed that the main hero is Ezio in Assassin's creed: revelations must renounce the so courtesans. While in Assassin's creed 2, as well as in brotherhood the easy girls have proved useful allies for the assassin, Ubisoft in revelations dispense with prostitutes. Historical reasons were the reason for not using according to Ubisoft, as the Haupthandlungsort of upcoming action adventures will be the strictly Muslim Constantinople. At the time, the purchasable love in today's Istanbul was not as common as in the frivolous Italy.
To what extent of the lack prostitutes on the gameplay of Assassin's creed: revelations have, or we will know what compensation Ubisoft will create for this, in the autumn of this year at the latest. From 15 November 2011 is Assassin's creed: revelations be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The original message to the Elimination of the courtesans in Assassin's creed: Revelations find on
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